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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cat Burglar Taunts Homer

Kent: "Well it looks like we have our first caller...and I mean ever, because this is not a call-in show. Hello, you're on the air."

Man: "Hello, Kent. Hello, Homer -- my arch-nemesis."

Homer: "Y'ello."

Man: "You do realize who this is?"

Homer: "Uh...Marge?"

Man: "No, Homer, I'm not your wife. Although, I do enjoy her pearls. As a matter of fact, I'm holding them right now."

Homer: "Why you monster. And you have my daughter's saxophone too!"

[Homer strangles someone off camera]

Kent: "Homer! That's our stage manager."

Homer: "Oh...heh, sorry. I'm a little nervous."

[1F09] Homer the Vigilante